Sunday, December 20, 2009

Initial Notes

First realization of project. Oh no. I can't eat anything.

Pretty much all food at school has become off limits. No more Splenda in the coffee, morning scones, cookies during cookie break at school, lunch meats, cafeteria food excepting the salad bar, candy or chocolate excepting some organic varieties, or fast food. Most regrettably, I can't indulge in Chik-fil-a and Subway, which I previously considered healthy.

At school, I can have fresh fruit, items from the salad bar (luckily this includes an oil and vinegar as a dressing option and several types of beans and nuts) and some steamed veggies, and the edamame and almonds I keep in my desk. It's amazing how little I crave the other stuff. The problem is, one can only eat so many dried soybeans. My meal and snack options keep turning into dead ends.

Sound the death knell as I walk through the aisles at Kroger. Everything contains a lurking ingredient. Even iodized salt has a bizarre anti-caking agent whose name escapes me presently.Pretty much all bread products are off limits, simply because I haven't found a variety that doesn't include something weird in the name. I was able to find some Whole Foods brand corn tortillas of simple corn meal and no preservatives, which I ate with eggs for dinner. Then, half the bag molded and I had to toss them.

Did you know packaged sushi at the grocery contains aspartame? So much for that natural, fresh dinner idea. I drove home and had an organic burrito.

First conclusion of project. I must find all natural food recipes, and fast.

First positive side effect. I thirst. My body tells me when it needs water. I think before I was misinterpreting this for a food craving, or quelling my palate with a diet soda. Now, in the afternoons, I drink about 20 oz. of water without being forced, and feel better for it.

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