Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Two Observations

1. I crave strange things. Sugary things. I think this is a side effect from eating lots of candy for so long, and then, all of the sudden, not eating much any more. Some things I used to love that I don't pick up now--Jelly Bellies, donuts, gummy bears, scones, Raisinets, $1.99 cake slices from Kroger (well they put it right at the checkout!), most cookies, and hot chocolate. It's sort of a freeing feeling to look down the cookie aisle at the grocery and realize I can't have, and don't want, any of it. At the same time, I have observed that my body misses that sugar, so it's freaking out a little bit. I can eat eleventy billion pounds of vegetables and it won't change the sugar craving. This will be a slow adjustment.

2. At the same time, my hunger cravings generally tend to be more reasonable. With most of the food I am eating now, I can eat it and stop whenever I want. I have been less liable to overconsume because something tastes great or has a nice crunch. In the past, forget it! Two Oreos easily became twelve. This kind of thing has nearly never happened since I've started eating all-natural. I still get hungry, but it's the "hey, my tummy is empty" kind of hungry, rather than some kind of weird chemical craving; you know what I'm talking about. My brain and my stomach seem to have come to an understanding. The other day I ate a Big Sky Bread Company chocolate chip cookie and didn't want another one afterward. Although, hm, that sounds tasty about now...

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