Tuesday, December 29, 2009

More Project Notes

Second realization of project. Eating all-natural is not necessarily eating healthy.

Three great examples of this happened today.

First, I had to choose between Sun Chips and All-Natural BBQ Chips at lunch. The Sun Chips had less fat and salt, and more fiber and whole grains. When one compares the nutrition facts, Sun Chips win. However, Sun Chips ingredients list showed it had three types of FD & C dye, including Red 40. So, I happily ate the BBQ chips but consumed more fat and salt.

Second, I ate a great sounding salad at lunch, consisting of spinach, portobello mushrooms, eggplant, feta cheese, and tomatoes. I picked at the mushrooms and eggplant, which were slimy, and ate mostly clumps of spinach and feta.

It was more of the same around dinnertime, when I bypassed a bag of raw cauliflower and broccoli for a large bowl of potato chips doused in vinegar.

So far I have been eating whatever I want, whenever I want, but now that I am discovering more all-natural junk food options, I will have to be more conscious. After all, many simple carbohydrates and fatty foods are all-natural.

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